SANTA BARBARA COLOR GRADIENTS BOX - Orange, yellow and white roses

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Our products are made with love and dedication. This date is as special for us as it is for you, that is why we have selected the best quality Ecuadorian roses chosen one by one to create an elegant floral arrangement.

Our strawberries are handcrafted with the best Belgian chocolate taking care of every detail.

SANTA BARBARA BOX is a beautiful rectangular box made of roses. 24"L x 10"W

The Box include:

  • 70-75 ecuadorian premium roses in three different colors 
  • 12 strawberries covered with white chocolate (colored), milk chocolate or dark chocolate (choose one)
  • Delicate gypsophila
  • Custom greeting card
  • wrapped in white veil
  • Care instruction card

Note: The arrangement in the photo contains 70 roses and 12 covered strawberries . The amount varies depending on the size of the roses. Decorative ribbons will be chosen according to the discretion of the designer looking for the best presentation and elegance. The color can change darker or lighter than the original preserving the gradient depending of the season or availability.